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Appointment Announcement: Ronald Mccabe

Ronald Mccabe

Ronald Mccabe

Please join me in welcoming Ronald McCabe to the Coega Dairy family.

Ron is a seasoned GCC Certified Engineer and a former Technical Manager at Parmalat South Africa, one of the nation’s largest dairy production companies. He is a natural leader who leads from the front, working shoulder to shoulder with his team. He is a technical expert on plant maintenance, continuous improvement, and technical skills development. Ron has experience in Greenfield’s facility set-up, expansion, project management, innovation, renovation, and energy efficiencies.

Ron’s wife, Mariza, will join him in PE shortly from Montagu. Said Ron on his first day: “I feel very excited with the energy at Coega Dairy and feel very welcomed”.

We look forward to Ron serving as a coach and mentor to our staff whilst advancing the way engineering is done in our facility.


Mark Harris

Managing Executive