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Distribution of Food Parcels in Kenton on Sea community

Food parcels

Food parcels

A thank you to Coega Dairy, from Edgar Brotherton, on behalf of Kenton Rate Payers Association and Rotary Club.

The current lockdown has, as expected, resulted in poor communities struggling for food. These are our neighbouring communities, and it is our collective responsibility that we take care of the poor and vulnerable among us, especially in circumstances such as these.

People who earn daily wages cannot survive lockdown, and we as a community cannot sit back and expect the government to do this alone.

The Kenton Rate Payers Association (KOSRA), together with Rotary, have been extremely proactive in assisting the poor in our Kenton on Sea community. Members of KOSRA and Rotary have made an enormous effort not only to collect donations but also delivering food parcels between 1 and 3 am, to avoid being mobbed due to the desperation of our people.

Dairy farmers in the Alexandria district have supported this amazing initiative by contributing part of their milk supply to assist in feeding our communities. Coega Dairy, as our processor, has agreed to process, supply and packaging of the milk and deliver for distribution in Kenton.

We know the value of milk, and that of supporting one another, especially during times of need.

Thank you to all parties involved. Such initiatives are what makes our country a wonderful place to live in. It's what makes us who we are as South Africans, "Ubuntu".