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Our June colleague - Meet Henk Genade

Henk Genade - Production Manager UHT

Henk Genade - Production Manager UHT

A thought to live by “Alles wat ons is, is net Genade, alles wat ons het – is net geleen”.

I have joined Coega Dairy just over 3 years ago and am very excited and proud to be part of the company. I have done a bit of traveling and is very privileged to have seen some parts of the world, experienced the work culture of Africa, America, Europe, and Australia.  

I completed my Bachelor Science Agricultural Degree at the University of the Orange Free State. With 15 years of experience in mostly the UHT,  I enjoy my time with the Coega Dairy Family, new technology, and challenges.  This is an exciting chapter in my life with also some sleepless nights. I have been mostly on the production side of the industry but have been exposed to all aspects of the factory, safety, and daily operations that go with this trade.  I feel part of a willing and excited team to help Coega Dairy becoming a World Class act.

I love the outdoors and am still trying to keep the body and mind fit with a little bit of sport – time willing. The small things in life bring me joy. Watching sunsets, walks along the beach, make life worth being a part of with special people, friends, and my wife Ronelle.