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New Cheese Line

The Famous Brands Cheese Company, which is managed by Coega Dairy, recently commissioned a new process cheese line.

The Famous Brands Cheese Company supplies cheese products to the Famous Brands Group.  The products include mozzarella, cream cheese and cheddar and are used by the Famous Brands franchises, which include but are not limited to popular brands such as Debonairs, Mugg and Bean and Vovo Telo.

The high usage of cheese slices on burgers in Steers and Wimpy, necessitated Famous Brands to invest in a cheese slice line. The line was installed in the current cheese manufacturing facilities of the Famous Brands Cheese Company. The line was supplied by Green Bay Machineries from the USA, who supplied all the equipment, did the installation and commissioning thereof as well as training.  Product development was done by the Famous Brands Cheese Company team.

The plant became operational during February 2017 and started supplying products to the Famous Brands Group. Due to the additional capacity, Coega Dairy took on additional milk producers from the region, to ensure sufficient supply.

This multi-million dollar line ensures that the Famous Brands Cheese Company remains in a position to supply its major shareholder with quality products and world class technology.