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Wellness Day 2017

Coega Dairy had its annual Wellness Day on 17 May 2017. This year the Wellness Day was combined with the National Slipper Day and the company also supported CANSA by issuing each team member a CANSA bandana.

Coega Dairy and the Famous Brands Cheese Company are committed to the health and wellness of all its team members. A healthy employee leads to healthy teams and a successful company.

During the opening of the day, Victor Korsten, CEO emphasised that wellness is not only about physical wellness but also the state of our minds. Constructive viewpoints and a positive outlook in a relatively difficult and negative environment will make better individuals. Our attitudes will also create a positive environment among our family members and friends.

The day started with a fun walk in the Coega Industrial Zone. What a colourful sight with a variety of slippers and the colourful Sunflower Fund bandanas. At the water point, bottled water and fruit were distributed. Medals were awarded to the first 20 runners.

A new addition to the Wellness Day was to have the local Wimpy on-site with their coffee station. The freshly brewed coffee with healthy rolls for lunch prepared all for the Sanlam soccer challenge.

A number of health specialists discussed relevant topics with the team. All employees had the opportunity to have a number of primary tests done by the Department of Health and the SA Blood Services.

The Sanlam Soccer Challenge was again the highlight of the day. Cheese and Dairy battled out till the end and Dairy were the winners. Sanlam handed out hampers to the participants. The supporters created a wonderful atmosphere around the pitch.  

Coega Dairy and Famous Brand Cheese are grateful for the donations from the sponsors: Wimpy, Universal Holdings, Outsource, Bonitas, Pick ‘n Pay, Sanlam and the various health services.