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Wellness Day 2018

“Wellness is not only about your physical health but also relates to your own personal wealth”

This was the key message from Coega Dairy CEO, Victor Korsten, at the opening of the company's 2018 Wellness Day. He explained how personal wellness includes mental health and covered topics such as how to manage personal relationships and finances. Relationship wellness relating to one's support system was also touched upon.

After the opening, Mr Rui da Costa gave a talk on financial wellness, personal budgets, managing expenses and insurance. This was followed by a presentation by Cathy van Zyl on how to manage disability in the workplace.

A full program of activities started after a 5km walk and an open-air gym session. The team sports followed with the Cheese Company winning the Sanlam Soccer Challenge and Coega Dairy winning a new activity, the Sanlam Netball Challenge.

Team members had the opportunity to have a medical check-up with advice from the health specialists.

The closing activities included the handover of 26 Long Service certificates as well as the presentation of trophies to the winning teams.

The Wellness Day was supported by Sanlam, A-Bay Stationaries, Fastlane, MPACT, Milktrans, SIG Combi, Outsource and various health service providers.