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Celebrating our children

Celebrating our children

BACK TO SCHOOL - R20 000 Donation 

We want to thank you for your generous donation you made earlier this year to our RUCC Cares back to school clothing initiative. 

The covert 19 Epidemic made it difficult for us to purchase and distribute the uniforms but we were able to distribute uniforms to those in need at a children shelter called Lukanyiso Home who provide shelter for abused children. 

Together with your donation we were able to ensure that a bruised reed is not broken and a smoldering wick is not snuff out. 

We will continue as an organisation to trust God for your markets to be increased and your business to grow exceedingly abundantly above all you can think or imagine. 

Once again thank you for your generous donation 

Yours sincerely 

Pastor Kenan Bagoes 


RUCC Cares Uitenhage
2 John Street Uitenhage 

A Rhema Family Church Affiliated to International Federation of Christian Churches (IFCCS)